Hey friends – I’m Björn

Welcome to my personal finance blog! I created MoneyWhisper in order to share my knowledge about saving, budgeting, and investing our money. Learning about personal finance has helped me curb my spending, get out of debt, and increase my net worth considerably.

As some of you may have already guessed by my name, I’m from Germany. After graduating from university with a dual master’s degree in economics and engineering I started working for a large domestic bank. My first position was as a legislative analyst, where I read legislative proposals and evaluated their impact on our company. Later I used my analytical skills to become a financial controller, a position I still hold today. However, these days I get to apply my skills for a different firm with a stronger focus on investments.

Even though I have always been interested in investing my money, I only found out about the personal finance community in my late 20s. Due to my new found knowledge I was able to pay off my $25,000 car in only 6 months! The habits I acquired during my car loan days are still with me today and have helped me improve my financial situation significantly.

Therefore, I want to share my insights with the readers of my blog and help them improve their finances along the way. I really enjoy learning about personal finance, frugality, saving, and investing as well as the minimalist lifestyle that often accompanies it. So, let’s embark on this journey together and help each other become smarter at managing our personal finances.

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